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3D Printer stage coating sealant material


Launched unique FDM 3D printer stage sealant material.
The material was developed for the filament of PLA and ABS in the same material.
The current problem in 3D printer operation is to have the difficulty
to take out the object from the stage.
The object sticks together with stage but has to stick strongly to the stage.
Otherwise the object easily separate from the stage and shows bent shape.
Generally 3D design will add the base that is called raft to take out easily.
But the raft leaves on the stage and happens straggle to take out it.
To do this printer manufacturer provides optional sticker and so on.
But the material has the function of object separation from the stage after printed.
This incompatible characteristics has to resolve in material.
ABS material is stick strongly for the stage by higher heating on the stage.
We developed one material for PLA and ABS. Raft free is coming out by using this new material.
This functional material was developed with partnership chemical company.
Domestic sales is starting. Oversea market is going to talk for 3D printer manufacture
as optional product with 3D printer.
Product “Stage sealant ATP101”

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