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Inkjet Printer

Industrial inkjet printer KEGON

3 type model of printer system is provided as embedded high speed unit, sheet media and roll media.

High speed printer unit “KEGON PUX”

High speed printer unit KEGON PUX

Plug in for customer’s existing media feeding machine
  • 50 m/min.(typ.)~200 m/min. 600 dpi 108 mm print width
  • Variable data print ( address bar code..)
  • UV ink UV LED exposure unit
  • Controller box unit and head unit
  • Maximum 8 head can attach for controller base unit
  • Just fitting DM job for bar code address print and label tag.
  • Custom design for high speed and wide print etc.
  • Many printer are working

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UV Inkjet printer for Roll media KEGON RT2



  • Desk top compact UV inkjet printer
  • Print width 36mm, 360 dpi
  • Self developed compact UV LED unit
  • Attached the Cutter and Output stacker unit
  • UV ink is able to use fabric care label tape, film material and other media.
  • UV ink mono color black
  • Print speed 18m/min.
  • 120mm sheet page cam print 9,000 sheet/hour (1,080m)
  • Machine size W800mm x D600mm x H600mm

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Compact Build In UV inkjet printer unit  KEGON AP1





  • Print width : 36mm max.
  • Ink : Afit mono color Black for matching with UV LED power
  • Print speed : 20 m/min. max.
  • Units : Inkjet head ubit,UV-LED unit, Ink supply unit, Controller board
  • Operation : Operation driver software and application software
  • Power : DC 24V design

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Compact UV ink mono color printer KEGON S1

New developed compact UV LED lamp
Serial compact sheet printer
A3 size sheet
UV ink : Conventional UV ink and Special etching mask ink


2.5D printer application


A3 size sheet media serial printer
  • Print speed ; A3 sheet 3 min. A4 sheet 1 min. at 360 dpi
  • Ink ; Afit UV ink (Black) and Etching mask ink
  • Media ; Metal sheet, Plastic, Glass, Paper, Film, Tile and others
  • This printer is OEM custom product

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Sheet media print KEGON-CS600X

Sheet media print KEGON-CS600X

Custom product for sheet medial
  • Tandem structured head system for sheet media
  • Head selection by ink
  • High image quality system
  • A4 size standard
  • UV lamp and ink droplet visual check system
  • High precision positioning by liner motor system
  • High quality color print
  • Fitting for evaluation equipment for testing
  • Custom design provides

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