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Inkjet Printer

Industrial inkjet printer KEGON

3 type model of printer system is provided as embedded high speed unit, sheet media and roll media.

Plug in UV inkjet printer unit KEGON AP-X7 NEW!!



Plug in UV inkjet printer unit
  • Wide print width model for KEGON AP1 model.
  • Print width 72mm Resolution 360dpi, Print speed 20m/min.
  • The same model of current KEGON AP1 36mm width model.
  • Wider application for various media for labels and so on.
  • Launched in April, 2020 


Build in sample

High speed printer unit “KEGON PUX”

High speed printer unit KEGON PUX

Plug in for customer’s existing media feeding machine
  • 50 m/min.(typ.)~200 m/min. 600 dpi 108 mm print width
  • Variable data print ( address bar code..)
  • UV ink UV LED exposure unit
  • Controller box unit and head unit
  • Maximum 8 head can attach for controller base unit
  • Just fitting DM job for bar code address print and label tag for various industrial field.
  • Custom design for high speed and wide print etc.
  • Many printer are working today

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UV Inkjet printer for Roll media KEGON RT2



  • Desk top compact UV inkjet printer
  • Print width 36mm, 360 dpi
  • Self developed compact UV LED unit
  • Attached the Cutter and Output stacker unit
  • UV ink is able to use fabric care label tape, film material and other media.
  • UV ink mono color black
  • Print speed 18m/min.
  • 120mm sheet page cam print 9,000 sheet/hour (1,080m)
  • Machine size W800mm x D600mm x H600mm

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Compact Build In UV inkjet printer unit  KEGON AP1





  • Print width : 36mm max.
  • Ink : Afit mono color Black for matching with UV LED power
  • Print speed : 20 m/min. max.
  • Units : Inkjet head ubit,UV-LED unit, Ink supply unit, Controller board
  • Operation : Operation driver software and application software
  • Power : DC 24V design

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Compact UV ink mono color printer KEGON S1

New developed compact UV LED lamp
Serial compact sheet printer
A3 size sheet
UV ink : Conventional UV ink and Special etching mask ink



A3 size sheet media serial printer
  • Print speed ; A3 sheet 3 min. A4 sheet 1 min. at 360 dpi
  • Ink ; Afit UV ink (Black) and Etching mask ink
  • Media ; Metal sheet, Plastic, Glass, Paper, Film, Tile and others
  • This printer is OEM custom product

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Sheet media print KEGON-CS600X

Sheet media print KEGON-CS600X

Custom product for sheet medial
  • Tandem structured head system for sheet media
  • Head selection by ink
  • High image quality system
  • A4 size standard
  • UV lamp and ink droplet visual check system
  • High precision positioning by liner motor system
  • High quality color print
  • Fitting for evaluation equipment for testing
  • Custom design provides

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