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AFIT Corporation (Advanced Future Image Technology) started in October 1992. Main activity is to develop the innovative electrophotography printer technologies and inkjet system for industrial manufacturing equipment market. AFIT is a all round professional printer technology company that has the function of chemical material research, electrophotography technology, electronics, mechanics, image software and product manufacturing skill.

AFIT Corporation AFIT Corporation AFIT Corporation

Basic Information

  • Capital : 110,000,000 yen
  • Founded date : October, 1992
  • Address : 191-0016 3-6-14 Shinmei Hino Tokyo Japan
  • President CEO : Shozo KaiedaProfile

Printer Technology

  • Electrophotography technology
  • Inkjet printer system technology
  • Mechatronics
  • Printer control system technology
  • Image data controller technology
  • 3D printer technology
  • Functional material ; photoconductor, toner, others


  • Industrial inkjet printer, Laser printer, printer consumables



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