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3D printer hot end head 3DF-500A (under preparation)

This new hot end head technology is for FFF type 3D printer system.
The hot end can quickly rise up high temperature 300℃ to 500℃.
In current trend of 3D printer in professional application is for PEEK material and super engineering plastics. These materials require basically over 300℃.


Stage coating Sealant material De-Tacher

As utility material we developed “Detacher” liquid material for easy detouching from the stage after print.


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Compact UVLED exposure unit

Plug in type compact UVLED module unit for various application model. Light power 1,500mW/cm2, Wavlength 385nm, Size 43mm(W)x43mm(D)x53mm(H) Power dissipation applx. 30W, Life 15,000 hour DC24V Constant Current drive

dscn3765 led-head-s

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