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3D Printer Stage Sealant material

Innovative stage sealant material for FDM 3D printer

In FDM 3D printer it is pretty hard work to take out the object from the stage.
To reject easily the “raft” object add as the base object.
But after object remove from raft the raft can not easily remove in the stage.
We developed this unique water based support material with Tokyo ink corp.
The material can use both PLA and ABS in the same material.
ABS material is generally used higher temperature compare with PLA on the stage.
So, ABS sticks strongly for the stage plate material. This new conceptual
stage sealant liquid can support more easily for ABS material.
The RAFT free job is now realised by using this material. Then, the bottom surface
of object is getting the same roughness as stage surface.

Product is now in the net sales service site in Tokyo ink Corporation.
Currently sale is domestic only.
The business of bulk product in oversea access will take care of Afit Corporation and so on.
Use inquire site of Afit https://afit.co.jp/english/inquiry/



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