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R&D of image forming technologies are electrophotography, functional material,inkjet technology for innovative manufacturing system.

“Electrophotography Technology” – Conductive pigment patterning technology ZEOMET

The technology “ZEOMET” is able to use metal pigment such silver, copper,nickel,Sn as toner pigment. It has been said that high conductive metal powder can not developed by electrophotography technology in electrostatic charge difficulty for particle.This new technology generates the development for these metal pigment and also conductive carbon pigment and conductive plastic pigment. Solder ball printer has been developed in semiconductor wafer PGA chip. We are considering to develop print board circuit harness and various electrode print, too. This technology is taken care of technology supply and partner development task. We are seeking to develop as licensing technology for industrial companies.

(following photo is nickel, silver on film surface)

nickelsilverfilm surface

Cupper pigment on Photoconductor Cupper pigment on Photoconductor

Copper powder pigment on Photoconductor


Solder ball on 300mm wafer after developing


Fundamental test of developing; The charge put on cross screen intersection. Solder ball is back side and close to the screen. Then the solder ball catch on the intersection pin point. Electrostatic force is pretty strong.

High resolution Photoconductor HGPC (High Gamma PhotoConductor)

This technology is high resolution digital reaction photoconductor HGPC. The technology shows dramatically performance improvement in current analogue type photoconductor. 4,400 dpi resolution shows on HGPC by digital reaction in high and low potential. Also surface hardness,durable use and resident for solvent material can get as performance of feature. Fine line such less than 10 micron can print in HGPC. The result of reseach can get award in ISJ conference June 2010. This technology is taken care of technology supply and partner development task. We are seeking to contact partner industrial companies.

Attached is the explanation of characteristic of HGPC. The comparison of 0.7mm character by increasing laser power.

HGPC HGPC attached is the explanation of characteristic of HGPC The comparison of 0.7mm character by increasing laser power.

” Inkjet Technology” – Color print for fabric ribbon SMATEX

Mono color care label printer KEGON 100RT is the product for apparel label application. SMATEX technology is for photo picture color for satin ribbon. We developed system printer for satin and taffeta fabric ribbon . New technology SMATEX has been developed tape transfer technology and fusing technology,too

sample sample sample

“3D printer Technology”

Afit developed photolithography 3D printer by using Afit printer technology in year 2000.

screw pligraphy_yama3 pligraphy_dolls1
Currently FDM type of 3D printer is growing in the market. We are starting next generation FDM printer in speed improvement and use higher temperature material.



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